Camel’s milk is the closest to human mother’s milk. Camel and human milk samples (twenty individuals’ samples each) were analyzed for fat, total protein (casein, whey protein), lactose, minerals as well as vitamins; B1, B2, niacin and C. Results indicated that camel milk contained higher fat, protein (especially casein), Ca, Mg, P, K, Na, Fe, and Cu. It can be concluded that camel milk can be considered as a good food of high nutritive and therapeutic applications

Table 1. Compositional differences of camel and cow milk
Parameters Camel milk Cow milk
Water (%) 90 87
Total solids (%) 10 13
Fat (%) 2.50 4.00
Insulin (μu/ml) 40.50 16.30
Iron (Mg/100g) 0.05 0.27
Calcium (Mg/100g) 132 120
Potassium (Mg/100g) 152 140
Zinc (Mg/100g) 0.50 0.40
Vitamin C (Mg/ml) 35 10
Niacin (Mg/ml) Vit.B.6 4.60 0.60
Pantothenic acid (Mg/ml) 0.90 3.80
Lacto-globulin (Mg/ml) (Milk allergy) 0 3500
Lactoferrin (Magic Milk Protein) 1.7 0.15
Whey acidic protein (Mg/ml) 157 0
Peptidoglycan recognition protein (Mg/ml) 107 0
Lacto albumin (Mg/ml) 3500 1200
Casein micelles (μm) 320 160
Whey protein (%) 1 0.8
Omega 6&7 (%) 15.1 7.5

The immunoglobulins (Igs): which are called “Single Domain Antibodies) or Nanobodies Igs in camel milk only but is not in any other mammals milk. Camel Igs are able to penetrate tissues and cells that human Igs were unable to do. Because of their reduced size, one-tenth the size of human antibodies, thus can readily pass to the milk of the lactating camel, can pass the BB (Blood Brain Barrier), and readily absorbed from the gut into the general circulation. Additionally, the level of immunoglobulin G in camel milk is 2-times more than cow or human milk, it is 1.64 mg/mL in camel milk compared to 0.67 and 0.86 mg/mL for cow and human milk respectively So, these Igs can play important role in the most immune system disorders. Multiple pharmaceutical applications in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lactoferrin: (Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Anticancer, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory): It is Magical & Miracle Camel Milk Protein. Camel’s milk is an excellent source of high quality & quantity Lactoferrin, (10 times more than cow milk). This protein is found in high levels in the nutrient-rich colostrum produced by breast feeding mothers. As several studies revealed lactofferin has inhibitory activity on both Gram- positive and Gram-negative bacteria in vitro Table 1

Peptidoglycan Recognition Protein (PGRP): its highest concentration was first discovered in camel milk and it has apparent effect on breast cancer by controlling metastasis and stimulates the host’s immune response.It stimulates the host’s immune response and has potent antimicrobial activity. It even appears to have an effect on breast cancer in studies Table 1

GABA is needed for the brain to function properly. (Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is very widely distributed in the neurons of the cortex. GABA contributes to motor control, vision, and many other cortical functions. It also regulates anxiety. University of California (Irvine) scientists found that camel milk have significantly more GABA than cow’s milk or human milk. Not only is that, but the GABA in camel milk also more bioavailable. This can partly explain why people may feel more relaxed after drinking camel milk.

Camel milk has over 200 different proteins. Some of them were immunoglobulin’s that help the immune system work better but others peptides still have unknown function (need more Researches).

Immunity: People with autoimmune system disorders, such as Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis, have immune systems that attack their own body tissues. According to lead researchers which assert that their observations over a five-year period indicate that camel milk can control or even heal autoimmune disorders.

Diabetes: According to lead researchers, 500 ml of camel milk daily improves the lives of diabetics due to an insulin-like protein which is covered by fatty layer to protect it against stomach acids that is does not coagulate in stomach and absorbed rapidly.

Diabetic Wound Healing: Diabetic mice that received camel milk whey protein showed accelerated closure and healing in their wounds. Compared to those who did not get the milk. The group consuming camel milk also had fewer free radicals and inflammatory compounds.

Therapuetic Effects of Camel Milk on Cancer, It has been confirmed that lactoferrin has ability to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cell in vitro, and repair of DNA damage. The main iron binding protein of camel milk, lactoferrin is potent for 56% reduction of cancer growth. Dr Fatin Khorshid succeeded in demonstrating as camel milk can stop the growth of tumor cells and malignant cells such as hepatocellular carcinoma, colon carcinoma, human glioma cells, lung cancer cells and leukemic cells There are a number of tumors which can be cured with camel milk; very active antibodies bind onto the tumors, killing the tumor cells without damaging healthy tissue. But human antibodies are too big to do this (Levy et al., 2013).

Autism: The common milk protein known as Casein which is digested in stomach turning into amino acids but in autistic children this protein not fully digested in the stomach and turning into Casomorphine which is more potent than morphine (Opioid). Study published in the 2005 edition of the “International Journal of Human Development” observed the effects of camel milk consumption on Autism Researchers discovered that after a 4-year-old female participant drank camel milk for 40 days, her autism symptoms disappeared. A 15-year-old boy also recovered after 30 days of drinking the milk.

Allergies: Like a Human milk, Camel milk does not contain (β Lacto-globulin, nor β Casein) these 2 types of proteins are present in cow’s, goat’s milk that is the main cause of cow’s milk allergy in children. December 2005 edition of the “Medical Association Journal” investigated the effects of camel milk on children with severe milk and other food allergies. After failing to respond to conventional treatments, study participants consumed camel milk under the direction of researchers. Daily progress reports indicated that all children Table 1

Better consider incorporating camel milk in your diet. The camel milk prevented the fatty liver, increased the good HDL-cholesterol, reduced insulin resistance and showed antioxidant properties as well.

Prevents Liver Damage: Carbon tetrachloride is a poison to the liver and causes an elevation of liver enzymes and some other lab tests. However, when rats received camel milk in their diet, their liver was protected from these changes. The greater the amount of camel milk consumed, the greater the protection.

Arthritic: The Lactoferrin in camel milk will remove the free radicals especially (Iron type) from joints of arthritic patients.

AIDS: AIDS patients in Africa were fed with camel milk to help them recover any people can benefit from camel’s milk healing properties. However, as with any alternative and traditional remedies.

Therapuetic Effect of Camel Milk on Hepatitis: Scientific publications have shown that camel milk cures both hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The special fat in camel milk soothes the liver and has beneficial action on chronic liver patients. Studies have shown that camel lactoferrin markedly inhibits hepatitis C virus genotype 4 infection through preventing the entry of the virus into the cells.

Tuberculosis: The antibacterial and antiviral is known to destroy the mycobacterium tuberculosis. Camel milk as a therapy for MDR (Multi Drug Resistance TB). Camel milk has beneficial effect on treating TB especially those suffering from MDR. The study of therapeutic value of camel milk for MDR , A cohort of 14 male in patient who suffered from tuberculosis for the past 7-8 years and who did not receive regular treatment were divided in to two groups, T1 and T0 of 8 and 6 patients, respectively. The T1 patients were given a diet supplement with camel milk @ 1 Liter / day, while T0 patients were given dairy milk through 10 week. Both groups received an almost similar treatment with regular meals from the TB hospital. The clinical symptoms, bacteriological, radiological, hematobiochemical, Immunoglobulin’s test, and body weight were recorded before and at the completion of the experiment. These results suggested that there was a positive benefit of camel milk supplementation in TB patient. Camel milk contains protective proteins which may have a possible role for enhancing the immune defenses mechanism. Antibacterial properties of these camel milk proteins destroy mycobacterium tuberculosis. Camel milk has been noted to have medicinal properties treating tuberculosis.

Anti-aging: (Skin wrinkling). So many brands now of camel milk like Desert Bliss Gentle care face creams, shampoos and soaps are available. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage which causes skin dryness, and wrinkles.

Acne and Eczema: The anti-microbial properties will act as natural cleaners.