Centuries-old traditions

For millennia, Bedouins have evaluated and used camel milk to maintain a healthy body. Rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory proteins, camel milk is exceptional.

Over 35 years ago, the idea of a camel-milking facility was born at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai. Research commenced on a small number of camels that were raised with the specific aim to obtain scientific proof of the outstanding health benefits of camel milk as an important part of the traditional Bedouin staple diet.

The ultimate goal was to introduce camel milk to the markets and by doing so, to make it accessible to a large number of consumers in the world.The white gold elixir of the desert is now available in Bulgaria through the Emirates industry for camel milk and products. Located on 15 sq.km. territory with more than 6145 pcs. camels cared for by 500 qualified professionals. It is one of the fastest growing dairy companies in the region with extraction and processing of 4 million liters camel’s milk per year. In our country, as well as in over 15 countries in the EU, USA, Asia, a Emirates industry for camel milk and products supplies 100% natural milk powder, which reaches you through the series of gentle care products “DESERT BLISS”.

Tradition - a bridge from the far eastern
latitudes to the Thracian valley

Like the Bedouins of hundreds of years have discovered the indisputable qualities of camel milk, so in the Valley of the Roses for centuries, they have highly praised and cultivated the flower queen, dear to all of us – the rosadamascena. Brought from the east, unique and valuable, the Bulgarian rosa damascena gives its exceptional qualities to our products, making them unique.

„DESERT BLISS“ Gentle care

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