Important safety tips when shopping online.

We recommend that you do not trust and use the services of an online store if:

1. No data for the trader

Each Bulgarian site under the Electronic Commerce Act (ETA) must contain 4 things: name of the legal entity or individual – owner of the site; postal address for correspondence; e-mail address for correspondence; contact phone. Check the data!

2. The company is not present in the commercial register

Take some time and check if the name of the company listed on the site is present in

3. Goods are offered at an extremely low price

They offer you a huge amount of goods on the site, at very low prices.

4. The delivery price is not calculated during the order Make sure what the shipping cost is.

More and more traders do not indicate the delivery price during the order and upon receipt of the goods it turns out that the delivery price is many times higher than the price of the ordered products.

5. There is no sufficient description

Poorly described product features and poor quality photos mean that the retailer is deliberately trying not to mention things that may deter you from buying.

6. Press you with Buy Now!

The reduction expires after 1-2 hours The mental pressure on the client is a dubious and incorrect way!


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