What is Dopamine - “the feel good hormone”

Skincare that can make you look and  feel good.  Did you know that DESERT BLISS  skincare collection is not only specially formulated with plant-powered skin benefits, but also brimming with textures, colors, and all-natural aromas that boost your mood, lift your spirits and calm your mind?

In our post-pandemic world, there has been much hype about dopamine - otherwise known as “the feel good hormone”. Like dopamine dressing and make-up, this trend is all about achieving that 'dopamine high' with bright colors and products that make you feel good. At DESERT BLISS , we believe that there is a special kind of magic inherent in our formulas and applying our natural potions during your daily rituals. Keep reading to learn more about how your AM & PM rituals can give you a dopamine boost which is not only beneficial to promoting radiant, healthy skin, but also to feeling truly relaxed, centered, and naturally beautiful.

What Is Dopamine?

Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. While the brain is a very complex organ, the dopamine circuit is fairly simple to understand by thinking of it as the body’s rewards system. According to Healthline, “dopamine is released when your brain is expecting a reward” and functions on a cycle of, “motivation, reward, and reinforcement”. So whatever brings you pleasure - anything from shopping, to sex, to exercise, to aromatherapy - your brain will send messages to your body to continually seek these out for another ‘feel good’ experience. Even colours, such as bright yellow, blue, pink and orange can have a dopamine effect by elevating your mood. Daily rituals, such as drinking coffee every morning or applying skincare products can also bring about a dopamine boost. At DESERT BLISS our skincare collection features potent botanical ingredients and nutrient-dense, aromatherapeutic formulas that not only nourish your skin, but also make for a beauty ritual you will crave time and time again.


Rosemary with camel milk is very healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which makes it effective at helping to heal and prevent acne, balance natural oils and soothe inflammation and redness. It also eases stress, increases energy and relieves fatigue. Studies have shown that inhaling rosemary oil can also increase concentration and focus. We recommend awakening your senses with this Natural light foam and shower gel  in your morning routine and then throughout the day (you can say 'goodbye' to low mood. Put  generously over your face, neck and body if you need a naturally energizing boost.

DESERT BLISS  most popular daily moisturizer. This natural Bulgarian rose water which is simultaneously calming and uplifting. This natural water is also decongesting and antibacterial, helping to keep pores clean and preventing bacterial breakouts. It soothes inflammation and boosts circulation to promote radiant, healthy skin.

Love this smell. It doesn’t just make your skin feel good it makes you feel good and is a great start to every day.