Camel milk supports skin elasticity, contains vitamin C, and is rich in skin-loving ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids that leave your skin soft and smooth, making it a very popular ingredient in creams, ointments, and masks for hydration, radiance, and soft skin

Camel milk — especially camel milk powder — contains two essential nutrients for plump and youthful skin: Vitamin C and elastin. Applying camel milk powder topically as a face mask helps tighten the skin and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, which instantly creates a brighter appearance.

The fats in camel milk are very finely homogenized, so camel milk skincare products are readily absorbed. They don't sit on or near the surface; camel milk skincare products don't blocking pores or exacerbating the symptoms of acne.

Before going any further, we need to be clear that Desert Bliss  does not sell products in Bulgaria  intended to treat acne. Camel milk is not listed as a therapeutic ingredient and our products aren’t listed as acne treatments.

In recent weeks, a number of customers with  acne have bought Desert Bliss  Facial Cleansing Balm soap to cleanse and moisturise their faces. Several have told us how conventional anti-acne cleansing formulations sting when applied and don’t appear to have much effect unless used for several weeks. Others have shown us how quickly their acne has subsided after only a few days of cleansing with our Balm soap.

Here at Desert Bliss , we are delighted to have happy young people come and tell us how the Magic of Camel Milk has transformed their lives by helping their acne. We are not surprised; camel milk creams have long been used in the Middle East and India to treat acne because it naturally cleanses, moisturizes and soothes.

Acne usually begins in the teenage years and disappears after eight to ten years, but occasionally it can persist until the 30s and even 40s.

The cause is inflammation of the hair follicles, usually on the face, back and chest where there is a high concentration of oil glands. The hair follicles become blocked with dead cells and oil from the skin. Symptoms include blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts which, in severe cases, acne can lead to permanent scarring.

There are multiple treatments available for acne over the counter from pharmacies. Most contain astringent antiseptics like benzyl peroxide, which work to prevent new pimples from forming. But often, they don’t act quickly. The first benefits aren’t seen until six to eight weeks of daily use. Do we really want to be using a powerful oxidant like peroxide on delicate skin?

Family doctors can also prescribe retinoid creams, antibiotic creams or antibiotic tablets, which also work to prevent new pimples from forming. Again, the benefits are usually seen after six to eight weeks of daily use. They can be used together with benzyl peroxide creams.

With really severe acne, causing scarring or severe distress, then a referral to a dermatologist for isotretinoin treatment is common. After a course of isotretinoin, most people are cured of their acne.

While there are various surgical and laser treatments that can help acne scarring, the best treatment for acne scarring is prevention. Self-manage your acne, but seek professional advice for early if it doesn’t work.

If you are concerned about skin problems or skin care, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist for information about possible treatments.

Most sufferers can do a lot to self-manage their acne, including:

Cleansing. The most common self-help advice for acne is to use cleansers specifically developed for acne-prone skin, washing the affected areas twice per day. People are advised not to overdo cleansing, because too much cleansing can cause other skin problems, such as dryness or skin irritations. This is because of the benzyl peroxide in most acne cleansers.

Desert Bliss balm soap  doesn’t contain benzyl peroxide. In fact, its ingredients are all natural; just camel milk, natural Bulgarian rose water , olive oils and coconut oil . It is so moisturizing that you can cleanse far more frequently than with common peroxide based anti-acne cleansers.

Make Up. Choosing water-based, oil-free make up where possible helps to avoids worsening acne by clogging the pores with oils or powder. Make up should be thoroughly removed before going to bed; Desert Bliss balm soap  is perfect for removing water-based make up.

Shaving. For men with facial acne, shaving can be extremely uncomfortable. Common shaving foams often sting and contain additives that can exacerbate acne.  Meantime, use a shaving brush to lather our Desert Bliss balm soap  for a gentle, cleansing and irritation free wet shave.

Diet. There is some weak evidence that a low-GI diet may help some people with acne. Many people think that nuts and  chocolate cause pimples. Research has not shown any strong link with these foods, but if you notice that eating certain foods causes pimples for you, try avoiding them. You could even try drinking camel milk!

Camel milk has some truly amazing properties that may explain why it has been successfully used to manage acne. We summarize those properties but do not make any claims of therapeutic benefit.


The fats in camel milk are very finely homogenized, so camel milk skincare products are readily absorbed.  They don’t sit on or near the surface; camel milk skincare products don’t blocking pores or exacerbating the symptoms of acne.


Camel milk contains natural Vitamin A and C in forms less astringent than the synthesized acids used in many skincare products. Retinol is a synthesized Vitamin A and retinoid creams are often prescribed for acne treatment.  In cosmetics, Retinol is used to help to unclog pores and speed cell turnover  Synthesized retinal can be irritant, especially on damaged skin.

Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant.  Again, the Vitamin C in camel milk is all natural, not synthesized.


The long-chain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in camel milk are anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing.   Camel milk cleansers don’t have the drying effect of the common anti-acne products; in fact, the opposite.  They moisturize at the same time as cleansing.


Camel milk contains complex and unique protective proteins which may help to reduce inflammation and irritation.  Desert Bliss  youth face cream  contains pure natural camel milk and can be used topically on spots, pimples and cysts.


The alpha-hydroxy acids in the milk, particularly the lactic acid, gently peal and remove dead skin cells, assisting to remove a root cause of acne;  dead skin cells blocking hair follicles.


Suffer from acne?  Fed up with using skincare products which sting, dry your skin and take an age to work?  The try cleansing with Desert Bliss balm soap before applying  Desert Bliss youth face cream to moisturize and nourish the sites of individual spots.

Healing flowers - the power of nature

We all know flowers are beautiful to look at, but that's not their only merit. In fact, many blooms also have healing properties that make them just as useful as they are pretty to look at. Here are a few  flowers with practical healing properties:

Bulgarian roses, one of the most popular flowers in the world , are  commonly used for medicinal purposes. Roses contain a great deal of vitamin C, an important antioxidant for overall health and fighting some more serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. Rose petals can help increase circulation, fight depression and anxiety, relieve infections and combat viruses, among a number of other health benefits. If one of your friends needs a mood lift, send them Joyful Bulgarian rose oil or water which contains healing benefits. Take a look at why this symbol of beauty has become a staple skincare ingredient.

Roses have been a representation of love and femininity for centuries, so it’s no wonder that it has become a major ingredient in many beauty rituals throughout the years.  If you’re big into natural beauty, then Rose water is the way to go. Not only does it smell great but it has amazing benefits for your skin, containing plenty of good for your skin antioxidants, Rose water works like magic when it comes to giving you that radiant glow.

Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy as an essential oil that helps many people relax and manage stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Lavender oil also has some surprising anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits as a topical treatment. It's sometimes used to treat wounds, burns and even acne, as well as heal some throat and chest conditions.

Calendula is one of the most well-known floral healers. Also called pot marigold, calendula petals have been used for centuries to heal cuts, burns and wounds. This is no surprise, considering calendula's incredible antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory glycosides. The flower is also commonly used to heal many skin conditions, including rashes, acne and athlete's foot.

Tips for safe online shopping from DESERT BLISS

Important safety tips when shopping online.

We recommend that you do not trust and use the services of an online store if:

1. No data for the trader

Each Bulgarian site under the Electronic Commerce Act (ETA) must contain 4 things: name of the legal entity or individual - owner of the site; postal address for correspondence; e-mail address for correspondence; contact phone. Check the data!

2. The company is not present in the commercial register

Take some time and check if the name of the company listed on the site is present in

3. Goods are offered at an extremely low price

They offer you a huge amount of goods on the site, at very low prices.

4. The delivery price is not calculated during the order Make sure what the shipping cost is.

More and more traders do not indicate the delivery price during the order and upon receipt of the goods it turns out that the delivery price is many times higher than the price of the ordered products.

5. There is no sufficient description

Poorly described product features and poor quality photos mean that the retailer is deliberately trying not to mention things that may deter you from buying.

6. Press you with Buy Now!

The reduction expires after 1-2 hours The mental pressure on the client is a dubious and incorrect way!


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