From plant protein to the gut microbiome, active nutrition is an area that offers ample opportunities

Several factors, such as genetics, age, environment, diet, and lifestyle, can influence gut microbiome. Since dietary habits differ as per geographical factors, the variations can also be seen in the microbiome of different populations. Diet-based changes have been observed irrespective of the age of the population. While different diet compositions can impact the microbiome profiles, consuming an unbalanced diet over some time, along with an unhealthy lifestyle, can also impact the microbiome . People with obesity and overweight have been reported to show a lower gut microbiome diversity.

Post-exercise nutrition: Gut health, inflammation, and recovery the importance of the gut microbiome to post-exercise recovery.

The recovery piece of post-workout is also very dependent on total gut health

So much of the immune function, as well as chronic systemic inflammation, can begin in the gut – and so keeping the microbiome healthy, making sure that … you are getting a plant-rich diet that is full of healthy fibres, the prebiotic compounds that feed the microbiome – that helps in recovery because we have anti-inflammatory compounds that don’t just stay in the gut, but travel throughout the body.

Getting in your carbohydrate, and hopefully, rapidly emptying, getting to the source, to the muscle cell, and that not causing stomach upset

There is a balance to be struck.

Post-workout you don’t want … an overabundance of anti-inflammatory or antioxidant compounds; they can limit recovery and growth, because inflammation is actually the start of recovery

Collagen and creatine in the spotlight
Which ingredients are trending in the active nutrition space?

Protein has gone into everything possible for the purposes of delivering something more accessible.

Collagen was interesting “because it’s almost like the white tissue as opposed to the red tissue.

You don’t have strong muscles if you don’t have strong connective tissue… certainly in terms of product availability and new product launches

An expanded role for creatine, which helps to deliver the energy for the exercise – but it also is a very potent anti-inflammatory. Creatine was having a renaissance

It’s not really gone away, but  became boring to people but interestingly … people are realizing just where it can play within the brain, as  anti-inflammatory.